Volunteer as a Support Worker

  • No one at the Bower House disputes the role Support Workers play in the day to day running of the service. They are the backbone of the organisation and are the first point of contact clients have either when they phone or when they visit us. 
  • They provide excellent listening skills and the reassurance that everyone is welcomed, usually with the offer of a drink.
  • The support workers understand the nature of accurate record keeping, confidentiality and our data protection protocol.
  • A robust induction procedure enables the role to be fully explored and learnt.
  • Volunteers work in three hour slots which can be flexible to fit in with other commitments.
  • The role can be developed for those who wish to get more involved - for example with administrative responsibilities, fund raising, and support groups.

To find out more ring into Bower House on 01858 469257 and speak to Trish or Philippa.