History of the Bower House

The beginning of the Bower House

About twenty five years ago several people separately had a vision – they felt the need for a Christian Counselling service in Market Harborough.

At the time there was no building and no funding but through collective prayer, across all the churches in Harborough, the vision became a reality.

As this idea was talked about, this group worked and prayed together about what should be developed. “Churches together in Harborough” supported  and encouraged us.

The result was that in 1999 about a dozen people including 5 counsellors opened the doors of 32 Coventry Road for business.

It slowly grew and became known as a quality service offered without charge to the people of the locality.

It has always felt to be God’s work and he has provided for us up to the present time. For a fuller account of our beginnings and how we were blessed with the property and the finance to run the service download the full story here:

 The House that God built.docx