Friends of the Bower House

Friends was started when Christine and Jadz (our recently retired Service Co-ordinators) and the then Chair of Governors took advice from a company about how we could increase our fundraising.

It was suggested that because we had such goodwill from the town, we should harness it by starting the Friends scheme. The idea being to get a lot of people giving a little so that we had a known income.

Since that start we have now grown to having 35 Friends who make a hugely valuable contribution to the running of Bower. Our Friends are drawn from a variety of different sources:-

  • Some are local church people  
  • Some have been through counselling themselves and realise our need of constant funding       
  • Some used to, or currently, volunteer with us.

Friends of the Bower House receive invitations to social functions including the A.G.M.  In addition they receive new updates of the work at the Bower House and how the service is developing.

Friends contribute in various ways:-  through monthly or annual Standing Orders or, occasionally, on an ad hoc basis by giving cash
throughout the year.

We are constantly building our circle of Friends who give us such wonderful support.  If you would like to contribute in this way please get in touch.

We have a vacancy: