How is Bower House Funded?

It costs £51,000 every year to keep Bower House running.

We have a variety of income streams and these are shown below.  It is a constant battle to keep money coming in; if you can help support the Bower House in this way then please get in touch and speak to our Treasurer - Mike.

  • People make a financial commitment to the work of the Bower House by direct credit or standing order. These are Friends and this is the charity’s core income. (Click on the ‘Friends’ link on the left for more information.)
  • Clients are made aware the Bower House is a charity and is dependent on donations and grants. Many clients make donations. This is a significant source of funds but does fluctuate.
  • Churches make frequent donations to the charity, often as part of their gifting programme. In addition to churches; groups or organisations within churches also make gifts to the charity.
  • Churches Together in Harborough frequently makes donations, sometimes from the united service collection or other services.

  • The Howard Watson Symington Memorial Fund  makes donations.
  • Voluntary organisations occasionally make donations.
  • We always apply for grants from the Summer Carnival, Late Night Shopping and the Rotary Swimarathon.
  • We have had significant grant funding over many years from the Market Harborough & the Bowdens Charity.
  • We run a programme of Fundraising Events throughout the year.  (Click on the link on the left to find out more.)
  • We also reclaim tax through the gift aid scheme.